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VW MkII 1.8T Exalt Style

This blog post is a bit over due, since this project was finished a few months ago but it's still notable, none-the-less and in our humble opinions, deserves a bit of publicity.


A good friend and client of ours, Tyler, bought this MkII GTi from a garage mechanic that attempted a 1.8T motor swap but gave up before finishing the project. As the pictures will show, an attempt was made but fell a bit short of being a running vehicle. Simply put, it was a mess but all the major components were there. Once in our hands, we fab'd up the necessary parts for the T3/T4 turbo and intercooler, performed the necessary plumbing and wiring. Now she's on the road tearing up canyons and road courses all around SoCal! She han't been on a dyno since completion but after a couple runs with some formidable oponents, there's no denying this car's exceptional speed and prowess.


A few of the notable components include:

Audi 20v 1.8T

T3 / T4 Turbo

Tial BOV & Wastegate

Team Dynamics 14" Gold wheels

Bilstein PSS9 coilovers

Full Roll Cage




MkII 1.8T GTi


1.8T GTi MkII


For the rest of the Pics, Please visit the GALLERY



  • Posted on   09/18/08 at 06:48:25 PM   by Jonny  | 
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