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FREE Check Engine Light Diagnosis

check engine lightDoes your car have a Check Engine Light (CEL) on? Well, this is your vehicles way of telling you it's sick and needs some attention from a professional mechanic. In reality, this could mean a variety of things; from a minor issue, like a loose gas cap to a very serious warning that a critical repair is needed to keep your car healthy and on the road. The only way to determine the ailment your car is alerting you of is to connect a diagnostic tool that can communicate with the car's brain (ECU) and see what kind of information (codes) it has stored. Sometimes this information will provide the remedy to the ailment but often it's just clues of where to look for the problem, similar to you describing to a doctor a pain or sickness you might be feeling. Given the range of issues that could be associated with a Check Engine Light, one thing is for certain, it is not something to be ignored!

So, what is this promotion we're running? EXALT is currently offering a FREE Check Engine Light scan to reveal what is behind light and what kind of codes have been stored on the ECU.

Why are we offering it for free? Well, despite what many dealerships and independent mechanics would like you to believe, the act of reading codes is a relatively simple one, you just need to have the correct diagnostic equipment. "But isn't that equipment expensive?" you might ask. Yes it is and many business experts would probably tell us we're fools for offering this for free but we're here to debunk the myth that the dealership is the only place to have your German Car serviced and we think this is a good way to entice new customers to experience the Exalted Service.

"Yeah but you're just trying to get me in the door so you can gouge me on the repair" you might be thinking. Actually, that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, you'll find that our pricing on both parts and labor is extremely competitive and we will never steer you into a repair that isn't needed or without discussing in detail why it's necessary. I doubt we would've achieved our five star ratings on Yelp and Google if this weren't the case.

At Exalt, we are passionate about German cars from Audi, VW, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes. We also believe in long-term relationships.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or have questions, please email or call us at 619/444-2300

  • Posted on   09/07/10 at 06:40:53 PM   by Jonny  | 
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