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AWE Stage 3 Clutch Kit for 2.7T S4

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AWE Stage 3 Clutch Kit for 2.7T S4

For Heavy Duty Track or Street use

- Everything you need is included
- Technologically advanced disc linings from Europe
- HD pressure plates for maximum clamping force
- Add our 12 lbs flywheel for quick engine spool
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Sale: $711.55

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The S4 clutch assembly is fine for low power, street driving applications. However, if you cranked up the power on your S4 or like to drive more "aggressively", then you may be in the market for a clutch soon.

The secret to building an S4 clutch that can handle more power and harder use is in more than just slapping on heavier duty disc linings and painting the pressure plate a pretty color. Trust us, we've "been there and done that" with our in house cars, and we've always found the failing point. Unfortunately, it seems that some other companies out there are letting their customers find that failing point for them. Southbend knows what areas of the entire clutch assembly need to be redesigned to handle the massive torque going to all four wheels of a modded S4.

Southbend's Stage 2 and 3 clutch kits are rated to 475hp and 525ftlbs torque power levels while maintaining excellent daily driving characteristics (Stage 3 kit pictured above). Quite often, aftermarket clutch kits sacrifice too many of the characteristics that make a clutch easy to live with everyday, resulting in extremely high pedal effort, abrupt engagement, and lessened component life. The design of these kits allows for the abuse of what most enthusiasts can dish out, without going overboard and drastically affecting the daily driving experience.

For drivers who use their 2.7T regularly on the street with casual drag strip or road course visits, the Southbend Stage 2 kit is perfect for you. The Stage 2 Kit features:

* Riveted full face 100% Kevlar lining on both pressure plate and flywheel sides of clutch disc
* HD pressure plate with 2450 lbs of clamping force (OEM is 1700)
* OEM throwout bearing
* Alignment tool

Application Notes: This kit exhibits near stock like driving characteristics with a slightly lower engagement point. The disc linings use no filler metals and have integrated solid lubricants, resulting in a very long service life and a gradual engagment (no on/off switch behavior).

For drivers who regularly use their 2.7T at the drag strip or road course and need a clutch that can handle the stresses of a standing start dump, Southbend's Stage 3 kit should be considered. The Stage 3 Kit features:

* Full Face Design with Combination Ferramic and High Performance Organic material
* HD pressure plate with 2450 lbs of clamping force (OEM is 1700)
* OEM throwout bearing
* Alignment tool

Application Notes: Because of the more aggressive lining material used, a somewhat shortened service life can be expected from this kit, depending on the use it sees. Engagement point is slightly more abrupt than stock or a Stage 2, however this kit can be used for daily driving.

Couple these kits with our lightweight 12lbs aluminum flywheel for noticeably faster throttle action, perfect for heel and toe driving. Save on pricing, too, with this combo.


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